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The Four Questions (continued)...

Who's holding the checkbook?
Some sites will need a multi-pronged approach to reach both the target and the decision maker.  Your 15 year old target may spend all their time on social networking sites, but the adults in their life have a different set of questions about your product or service.  It doesn't hurt to humorously explain to your targets on why they may want to send Mom or Dad to in order to move the deal forward.

What stage are we at? may have a gaudy 'buy now' button prominently displayed on their home page. may want a chance to introduce themselves and qualify their prospects first before investing in a wild goose chase. The goal of driving traffic to your site is rarely about increasing the just volume of traffic, it is about making it easy and obvious for your prospects to hit the right page and then providing the right kind of information to move them along to the next stage. Although many people use the web to gather initial information, big ticket purchases still require a personal touch. more...

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